Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Day...

I should have updated this sooner. Oh, well. Better late than never?

Dating progressed between daughter and her hubs... then, it stopped abruptly. Seemed he was keeping some of his feelings hidden. He basically insisted she would be better off quitting her job and moving forty miles south where he is now located and living in the big city and getting a new job. Well, she doesn't want to take her son out of his current school district (which is fairly small)... and, if she did, she didn't want it to be to that huge district. The hubs said he'd consider moving outside the big city, but not tooo far. When she innocently mentioned an apartment that she'd heard of in her son's current district, he blew. He said he told her he was NOT moving that far away from the city again, and that she just wanted him to move there and take care of her.

Huh? She was stunned. She asked what he meant, and he said, "take care of you like I have been for the past three years". Well, in all honesty, he has had to take care of her to a certain extent because of her mental health issues. However, isn't that part of "for better or worse, for sickness and in health"... ?? Or did I miss something? Besides that, she's been great (ignoring the meltdown over the divorce) since last summer. She made it through the winter and all the pressure and stress of losing her house, her husband, her cats, etc., and having to drive to work in the worst of conditions... all without losing her mind. I think she should be commended!

When she got upset with him and started crying he made some comment about how "no, you haven't changed". That was the last straw. She has changed soooo much. She is so much stronger than she's been for years. So much more optomistic and active and just living life.

She told him to cancel the marriage counseling session. It was over.

Her 90 day waiting period was up last week. She's waiting to get the final decree in the mail. She was a bit of a mess for a bit... having gotten her hopes up and all, but in the long run? I'm glad it happened. She won't be wondering "what if". She will know that he was actually the one who didn't change, not really.

She found a lovely apartment with new appliances, etc, right near her son's school. She won't be too awfully far away and she's planning for the future. She moves near the end of next month.

Things have gotten a bit more peaceful. Well, except for one little bit of 'bad stuff' that I'll tell you later... if you come back, that is!


Sizzle said...

I'm glad she's moving on. I hope for good things for her in the future!

And I hope the bad thing isn't that bad? Don't make me worry.

heather fish said...

I'll be back... and... good for him for helping her know for sure she is making the right decision in moving on w/o his loser self!

Al said...

It's great that she can now have a sense on closure and completion. Now she can move on.