Saturday, September 25, 2010

The More Things Change... PT III

Strange posts began appearing on Facebook. She'd say something bizarre then the next day she'd take it off. I called and she said she didn't like the Xanax, that it made her unfocused and she didn't know what she was doing with it. She'd write something in the middle of the night, then get up the next morning and see what she'd written and not remember. She told me she had phone conversations with her ex-mother in law as well as her ex-husband and neither conversation was very clear to her. Not good.

Then she sent a long email to my daughter-in-law and supposedly to my younger daughter. The title was something about "An Apology"... in which she said she was sorry for not listening to them last spring when they were trying to help her. When my DIL tried to call her back she got voicemail so left a message telling daughter that she didn't need to apologize, that they just wanted the best for her. Well, then daughter called back and left a voicemail on DIL's phone saying, "oh, I wasn't apologizing, I have nothing to apologize for". HUH? What are you doing titling your email "An Apology" for then???? Argh!

Well, younger daughter never got the email to start with... and found out about it from DIL. Out of the blue, elder daughter tries to call younger daughter, and leaves a rambling voicemail in which she was crying and mumbling and generally difficult to understand. Younger daughter played it for me, not knowing how to respond and we were concerned. When I tried to call my elder daughter back I got no answer! Now husband comes home, hears all this and he starts trying to call her. Over and over and over. No answer.

Worrying that she's done something, he and I jump in the car and go to her apartment. Mind you, this is now almost 10 o'clock at night and it is 30 miles away. He and I are worrying about worse case scenerios as we drive. He asks if I have a key to get in her apartment. Uh, no. So then it is, "well, if she doesn't answer the door, do we call the cops?". Probably so. This is how we were thinking.

We get there, knock on the door, and she answers! She's been crying, but tells us she's been on the phone with her brother (our eldest boy)! Oh, geez. So we sit and visit for a bit and try to figure out what all the drama was with the email to the girls. She doesn't think daughter should have shared her phone call with us... but, hey, we were just as upset and worried as she was and had no idea what she was trying to say and were just trying to find out what was going on! I'm sorry, but when you try to kill yourself four times, some privacy goes out the window.

She tells me the Xanax isn't working. She then tells me she's not taking it, since it makes her feel funny. I ask her if she's called her doctor like he told her to. Uh, no. After she calms down and promises to call the doctor the next day we leave. Next day he puts her on something else and she tells me it is much better. Whew. One more week to go until she can get on the new medication

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