Sunday, September 26, 2010

The More Things Change... PT IV

So. She gets started on the new medication. She is happy with it. Says it is working. Husband has talked to her, she seems upbeat and doing well. I talk to her. She seems upbeat and calm and doing well. She is to go back to work on Monday. That would be last Monday.

I didn't want to bug her, but send her a text Monday night asking her how it's going.

I get back a text. "Today has been craptastic. Have a doctor appointment in the morning. Want to go back on the old med."

My hopes are dashed that things were going well. She has her doctor appointment and he's putting her back on the old medication. However, she has to stop taking the new one for, yes, two weeks. Then, of course, it will take a bit of time for the full dosage to get into her system.

Honestly, yes I am worried about her health. I am also worried about her job. I don't know how they can keep her on. I know they can't fire her while she's off on disability, but as much as she has cost that company I can't imagine they wouldn't be trying to find any little excuse to let her go when she is there. My husband fears she will lose her job and with her history not be able to find another one... and, yes, then she'll be back living with us. I fear she will end up on permanent disability and I wonder what kind of a life she's going to have.

Well... I know this has gone on and on... sorry about that. I just get so frustrated and lucky you gets the brunt. Well, if you are still here and reading, thanks for sticking it out. If you jumped around and got to the end and said "yes! the end!" then thanks for being here for the end.

I kinda doubt it really is the end, tho'... if you get my drift. Just another chapter in the saga.

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Sizzle said...

Is her son living with her or you? That's so rough, Sue. I feel for her but also all of you. It's hard to watch someone go up and down and not get better. :(