Monday, September 27, 2010

...and the Beat Goes On

So eldest daughter and grandson stopped by unexpectedly out to the house yesterday. I was surprised, but not unpleasantly. Had spoken to her (obviously) but not seen her for awhile.

She seemed uncomfortable, but that was not uncommon. It was her "I'm not on medication" mode. She said her doctor has tentitavely suggested she may be bi-polar. GEE, YA THINK?!?!?!? I mean... c'mon. (Even SHE admits to having these "impulsive, manic" phases.) So, the class of medication they put her on, the 'new' one, wasn't really designed to do well with that diagnoses. Personally, I think if they would have just gotten her records and READ THEM (doctors seem to not do that these days, for some reason)... they would have seen the pattern and also would have seen that although she'd not been on this particular medication before, she'd been on that class of medication and not had very much success with it.

So, she goes back on the 'old' medication on October 4. I asked if she'd then have to take it awhile before she could go back to work. She says she has a doctor appointment on the 20th... as well as a therapy appointment with a new therapist... and, yes, she won't be going back to work until after that appointment and the doctor signs off on it.

She admits that the things she thought were side effects from the old medication were still happening... if anything, getting worse. Things like insomnia and restless leg syndrome. She didn't like taking medication on medication, now she's finding out it wasn't caused by the original medication and she is back where she started, if not worse, because now the anxiety and depression are back - she claims it as nearly as bad as when she had her ECT treatments. Not good. I'm counting the days until she can get back on her regular medication that we know works... and she can just get stablized and centered again and get back to a normal routine.

...and it keeps going and going.

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Sizzle said...

I hope they can find a treatment that works for her. For all your sakes.