Thursday, October 15, 2009

Even More Sharp Pointy Sticks

Let's talk.

She came home and burst into my room crying hysterically and had been ever since he'd called.

"What if he wants to get back together?"
"What do I say?"
"It must be important or he would have talked to me on the phone!"
"Maybe he's reconsidering?"
"What do I do?"

Her son was in the other room, having witnessed his mom's meltdown all the way home. I reminded her that she was taking her son to visit the hubs' parents over the weekend and maybe he just wanted to make those arrangements? Maybe he wanted to talk about the car transfer situation? I tried to tell her there were 1000 different things he could be wanting to talk about, not to get all wound up about it.

She told me she'd call and let me know how it went and proceeded to fly out of the house.

Two hours go by. No word. Her son asks... "any word from mom?". I have to tell him no, but remind him they may have had a lot to talk about.

Three hours. Nothing. I don't want him to be worried and it is getting close to his bedtime and I hate to make him go to bed not knowing. I couldn't imagine him being able to sleep. I try to call her. No answer. Now my mind is going wild with thoughts. I pull myself back in and send her a text, "Son is worried. Call please". I wait fifteen more minutes and try to call her again. She answers. Chipper. Bubbly. "Oh, we went to McD's and I lost track of the time, we were talking... I'll be right home." M'kay.

She comes home and I don't get a chance to talk to her except to tell her goodnight. Her son has a few choice words, I hear later. He is not a happy camper.

Moving day two days away. be continued...

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pat said...

aww, the kids are always the ones who get run over....