Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Sharp Pointy Sticks

So it's been a wild few weeks. My daughter and her son have moved into my house where they are gradually taking over the space, much to Hubs' dismay. She is a rather loud person and when she is rummaging around in the kitchen while Hubs is trying to watch TV (it is a 'great room'... all one space) he just keeps pushing the volume control higher and higher and hoping we're noticing.

She has been taking her son to school - in a neighboring town - then staying to work on packing and cleaning up their old house. When she's not been there, she's been at our house staying up all night reading and researching her options on the computer... and cleaning. The first day I came home from work she was all proud about the work she'd done in the kitchen, clearing my countertops off. Trouble was, she'd put the breads, cereals and snacks away where no one could fine them. Uh... oops. After we explained to her (nicely) why we had them all where we did, she made some joking comment about not ever doing that again and she may or may not have noticed that everything has migrated right back to where it was.

After her hubs came to the house and took all the stuff he wanted, he just left the rest for her to take care of. He has refused to even get out the bags and bags of trash she had already bagged up when she got in a cleaning frenzy before they even split up! I digress...

Through this all she's been second-guessing herself and wondering if she's making the wrong move. One day she is sure she is, the next she is calling him at 3 am to tell him she loves him... well, telling his voice mail, anyway. Yeah. He didn't respond to it either. She'd had to have meetings with him and the lawyer for the bankruptcy and foreclosure issues and to figure out how to split all their finances... and he was calm, cool and collected. Read, pissed off. He barely would give her the time of day.

Last weekend she didn't know if she was going to be able to handle moving. She's been feeling light-headed from her meds and I think the stress of it all has been wearing on her. On Thursday night she came home with her son and rushed into my bedroom having a hysterical crying fit. Her hubs had called the night before to tell her he would now come over and help her get the garbage out. She got off-plan when she had to go get her son's glasses fixed he broke that day and she waited for her hubs in his work parking lot just to let him know she wasn't at the house. He came out of work and didn't even recognize her at first. Then he asked if she was okay... she'd been crying and not at her best. She said yes and tried to blow it off as being stressed and tired and worried about the move and proceeded to bring her son to our house. On the way her hubs called and wanted to know if she'd be able to come up to the house and "talk".

What a can of worms those words opened up. be continued...

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Jan said...

On the way her hubs called and wanted to know if she'd be able to come up to the house and "talk".


I can imagine how your own home life is being turned upside-down.

It's not easy, Sue, I know.

If only life could be less complicated...